Tenant Fees

New Tenancy Fee: £300 inclusive VAT (max two applicants a further charge of £60 inclusive VAT per tenant and or guarantor will apply)


Early Termination Charge (subject to approval by Landlord): £350.00 inclusive VAT


Unpaid Cheque: £50.00 Inclusive VAT


Late Rent Charge: £50.00 Inclusive VAT


Call Out Charge*: £50.00 Inclusive VAT


Check Out Fee: £54 Inclusive VAT


Tenancy Renewal Fee: £54.00 inclusive VAT


New Tenancy Agreement £150.00 inclusive VAT


Letters; £15.00 inclusive VAT


Copies of forms/Letters; £10.00 inclusive VAT


*Tenant will be liable to pay a call out charge if it is established that the reported problem is due to gross negligence of the tenant or if the access to the property was not provided once the appointment was confirmed in writing. Please note that this charge is based on general call out charge from the contractors.



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